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Feight Studios Naval Aviation Art
The Naval ASW Print Series

Feight Studios Naval Aviation Art prints page is a short history of U.S. Naval aircraft rarely represented in the aviation art world.

This series of artwork won the R.G. Smith Award for Excellence in Naval Aviation Art in 2011! Presentation was May 5, 2011 in Pensacola, FL.

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"God of the Sea"
This dramatic image shows the new Boeing P-8A Poseidon in action dropping sonobouys over a submerged target. Nearly 100 of the new P-8s, based on the 737 airliner airframe, are now in service and the P-3s are gradually being phased out of service. $59.99

"Pacific Patrol"
This digitally airbrushed print from Feight Studios shows the history of patrol aviation during the Cold War in the Pacific Ocean and was used as a cover for the book entitled "Pacific Patrol" by CAPT Tom Spink. The P-3 Orion, P-2 Neptune, PV-1 Ventura, PBY Catalina, PB4Y Privateer, P5M Marlin, and PBM Mariner are all included in this image. $49.99

"CAC-7 Skeet For the Fleet"
An American P-3 Orion aircraft on routine surveillance is fired upon by a gun of a 6,000-ton Soviet Sovremenny-class guided missile destroyer plying the Mediterranean. The near miss promted an apology by the Soviets. $49.99

"Madman II"
This image shows the P-3 Orion in it's final configuration and paint scheme. The new Boeing P-8 Poseidon based on the 737 airframe is now being brought online and the P-3s will be removed from service probably within the next decade. $59.99

"Cats Have Claws"
Of the aircraft that were rushed into early anti-submarine patrol duties, the most successful was the already obsolete Consolidated PBY Catalina. The “Cat” flying boat possessed good range, capacity and durability. $49.99

"P-Boat: One, U-Boat: Nothing"
The big, twin-engine Martin PBM Mariner flying boats, were much larger than the PBY Catalinas and filled an important ASW need plus search and rescue during the second World War. They were used for many years following the end of the WWII. $49.99

"Marlin's Milieu"
The follow-on aircraft to the PBM Mariner was the Martin P5M Marlin which was designed to hunt the large USSR submarine fleet. It turned out to be the last flying boat in the U.S. Navy inventory and the last production aircraft built by Martin. $49.99

"Navy Libs"
A version of the B-24 Liberator was modified for Naval ASW use was built in large numbers and was called the PB4Y-1 Liberator. It later evolved into the PB4Y-2 Privateer, which also flew on for many years after the war and was used in both Korea and Vietnam. $59.99

Development of specialized aircraft to counter the U-boat threat began during World War II with the Lockheed PV1 Ventura shore-based patrol bomber based on the Hudson bomber or Lockheed 14. Follow on to the Ventura was the PV2 Harpoon. $59.99

"Closing the Gap"
Escort Carriers or Baby Flat tops armed with Grumman TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers and F4F/FM Wildcat fighters closed the mid-Atlantic gap where land-based aircraft did not have enough range to provide cover for the convoys sailing to England. $49.99

"Loaded for Bear"
The U.S. Navy’s requirement for a more powerful, longer range, shore-based ASW patrol aircraft was filled by the Lockheed P2V Neptune designed from the ground up as a Naval ASW patrol bomber. Too late to see action during WWII they flew into the 1970s. $49.99

"Ruler of the Sea"
Designed and built in the 1940-50s they were among the last generation of piston-engine aircraft that flew for the U.S. Navy. One of the many unheralded aircraft that were "Cold War Warriors," Neptunes operated well into the 1970s. $49.99

"Ruler of the Sea II"
Designed and built in the 1940-50s they were among the last generation of piston-engine aircraft that flew for the U.S. Navy. This is a second version our popular, original "Ruler of the Sea." $49.99

"Patrol Squadron Nine"
This print depicts the aircraft flown by Patrol Squadron Nine (VP-9) and other Naval ASW squadrons in their history. Included are the Lockheed P-3 Orion, a Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune, and a WWII era Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer. $49.99

The ASW Hunter-Killer functions were combined into one airframe in the early 1950s as the Grumman S2F Tracker series. “STOOFs” as they were nicknamed, along with the P-2 Neptunes, were among the last of the piston-engine aircraft in the US Navy. $49.99

"The Hunters"
This print depicts the progression of land-based ASW aircraft produced over the years by Lockheed Corp. It shows the P-3 Orion, the P-2 Neptune, and the PV1 Ventura flying in formation over the open ocean hunting submerged submarines. $59.99

"Sorry Charlie"
This lithograph limited edition print was commissioned by the disbanded VP-90 crew in Glenville, Illinois. It shows a P-3B Orion flying over a Soviet Charlie class sub, and actual event in the squadron's history. $49.99

A P-3C Orion in the well-known white over gray paint scheme of the 1970s pulls up at the end of a MAD run on a submerged target. This was our first published print and is still one of our best sellers every year nearing 800 copies! $49.99

Around 1970 Lockheed began producing the jet-powered replacement for the piston-engine Grumman Tracker, the more capable carrier-based plane nicknamed the “Hoover,” but officially known as the S-3 Viking. $49.99

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