PBY Catalina Cats Have Claws

"Pacific Patrol"

This digitally airbrushed print from Feight Studios shows the history of patrol aviation during the Cold War in the Pacific Ocean and was used as a cover for the book entitled "Pacific Patrol" by CAPT Tom Spink. Based on an earlier print called "The Hunters,'" this picture depicts many of the patrol planes that flew in the Pacific theater from World War II to the Cold War. Included are the Martin PBM Mariner flying boat, the Lockheed medium bomber PV-1 Ventura, the famous Consolidated PBY Catalina, the last flying boat the Martin P-5M Marlin, the Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer, and the land-based Lockheed P-2 Neptune and P-3 Orion.

A open edition print on 100% acid-free cover stock. Size is 18"x 24" including a 1.5" white border. $49.99 + tax + $15 shipping and handling. No original available.

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