Murals and Large Work

This page shows a few of the murals & large paintings created by Don Feight



Jacksonville NAS Mural

This is a large mural was created for the U.S. Navy at Jacksonville NAS, Florida. It is on a 14ft X 40ft wall at the front of training squadron VP-30's auditorium. It was produced in five days with the help of DMC Michael Luck and his VP-30 graphics crew.

This second picture shows the scale of the painting with Don Feight working on the scaffold and DMC Luck painting below. This mural was completed in April of 1999.

STEM Mural

STEM Mural

STEM Mural

STEM School & Academy Murals

These are recent murals completed in late 2011 were created by Feight Studios for the new STEM School and Academy in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. One mural covers all the walls in the lobby and one in over the serving area in the cafeteria.

The first two pictures are the West side of the lobby showing images of the current engineering technologies and welcome banner/school name on a background of space.

The third picture is the East side which is the "Wall of Fame" where donors to the school are honored. It depicts the levels of the atmosphere that correspond to the levels of the donations.

Data Development and Dissemination Mural

This mural was done for Lockheed Martin at it's Dry Creek facility in Littleton, Colorado in 1996. It measures approximately 20ft X 20ft and depicts the main programs that made up the Littleton Lockheed D3 Division. This mural was lost in the destruction of the building.

Command Support Programs Mural

A large painting or a small mural, this picture measures about 4ft X 8ft. It was painted on masonite and used to decorate the wall of a lobby/reception area of a program that existed at the Lockheed Austin Division in Austin, Texas. The facility was shut down in 1995 and the location of the painting is unknown.

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