Railroad Art from Feight Studios


The Shay locomotive was the most widely used geared steam locomotive. Ephraim Shay, a logger in the 1860s, was searching for a better way to move logs to the mills. After numerous attempts he arrived at the geared steam locomotive design and applied for and was issued a patent for the basic idea in 1881. He later patented an improved geared truck for his engines in 1901. The Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio built Ephraim Shay's prototype engine in 1880. Approximately 2770 Shay locomotives were built by Lima in four classes, from 6 to 160 tons, between 1878 and 1945. Although the design of Ephraim Shay's early locomotives differed from later ones, there is a clear line of development that joins all Shays. The strength of these engines lies in the fact that all wheels, including, in some engines, those under the tender, are driven so that all the weight develops tractive effort. The success of the Shay led to a major expansion and reorganization of the Lima company.

Giclee prints are an exact reproduction of the original watercolor art and are printed on 100% rag, high quality, heavyweight, watercolor type paper making it very difficult to distinguish the print from the original. Print size is 16" x 20" overall including a 2" white border. Signed by the artist. $49.99 + $15 s/h


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